WHO:        If you know what a Conch fritter tastes like, you are invited.   To all Conchs still living in Key West, spread the word and see if you can't drag a couple conchs with you this year.

WHAT:      8th Annual Tampa Conch Reunion / Day at the Beach.   Press Release by Coni Carbonell Young: Click Here!

                  We are keeping it simple again; bring your own food and drinks and a dessert to share if you wish.

WHEN:      Sat, September 28, 2013.    I'll start setting up around 10:00 A.M. and I'll start cleaning up a couple of hours before dark.

WHERE:     Fort DesotoShelter #8 (only until further notice) on North Beach.  Voted Best Beach in America (2005 & 2008), click HERE to see the map below.

Hotels nearby to Fort Desoto - Keystone Motel - Holiday Island - 727-866-3755 and Grand Plaza Hotel 727-360-1811 (Last I checked it was $182 per night) If anyone finds something better, please let me know so that I can share with everyone else.

HOW:         Click here for park RULES         VENDORS:  Please contact me about the fees for 2010 as park rules have changed.

HOW MUCH:   This year's charge to cover the large event permitting fees will be $2 for adults and children are free, please click the permitting fees link if you have any questions about the park charge. I would like everyone to send their money in before getting on the list  for several reasons;  the park requires an accurate head count in order to assess the proper fees and the deposit is not refundable, so this will help spread the risk of a bad weather cancellation.   This will also minimize the need for people to stand in line to pay the fee instead of enjoying the event.   Check or money order can be sent to;

Jose Santana
20030 Bluff Oak Blvd.
Tampa, Florida 33647

ORGANIZER:  Email Bubba to sign up. 

Jose (Bubba) Santana


If you have already contacted Bubba and your name does not appear on the list, try hitting F5 to refresh this list page in your browser.  You do not have to be on the list in order to attend the reunion.  If you click on a name below, you can email that person if they registered with an email address. Thanks!!; Have fun!!


Jose (1982) & Monica Matthews (1984) Santana & family (5)

Mickey Umble & Guest (2)

Raul & Ruth (Watler) Rivera (2)

Joan (Taylor) Slack 59 (1)

Violet Hernandez Nacrelli 67 (1)

George & Edna Santana (2)

Linda Smith (1)

Donald & Julia Attilio (2)

Jim & Jan (Salas) Blue (4)

Tommy & Waldina Gates (2)

Terry (66) & Bonnie Stofer (64) (2)

Art Gato (3)

Jed & Kathy Sawyer (2)

Jeff & Linda Schwartz (2)

John "Johnny" (63) & Debbie Gonzalez Gelabert (72)(2)

Sonia (Gelabert) Cunningham (62)(1)

Nancy (Gelabert) Curry (59)(1)

Debbie (Gelabert) Budde (76)(1)

Danilo (73) & Kim Gelabert (2)

Charlie & Tish Aguero (2)

Eneida Roche Heopburn (1)

Joan & Ralph Betancourt (2)

Eneida Roche Hepburn (55) (1)

Lucy (Lourdes) Rodriquez (1)

Don & Myrna (Geohring) Williams and Guest (3)

Tinkey Gates & Norman McDuffy (2)

Benny & Patti Roberts (2)

Terry Beeman Sr. & Billy Morey (2)

Carole Shafner (64)(1)

Dan & Marta (Sierra) Ennis (1)

Caridad Gonzalez (1)

Lionel Moises Rodriquez (2)

Gilbert Allen (1)

Eddy & Guerra Bazo (2)

Jim & Jan (Salas) Blue (2)

Jean Collins Gregory & L.T. & Shirley Perpall (3)

Franklin & Pam Gonzaga Curry (2)

David & Marie Perez (2)

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Attilio & David (3)

Henry Stephenson & guest (3)

Louie & Joyce Nunez (2)

Everette & Thelma Atwell (2)

Dann & Delma Gregory (2)

Olivia Conrad & Guest (2)

Sherman Bywater, Cindy Wells & Lori Ryder (3)

George & Monica Rodriguez (3)

Anita Sierra Gonzalez (1)

Cindy Young Blanco (1981)(1)

Lynn Woodbridge Groves & June Lackey (2)

Rick (Delgado) & Sherree Ogden (2)

Raymond (71) & Toni Powell Gilbert (76) (2)

Kathy Young McCommon (77) (1)

Dan McCommon (1)

Nicole McCommon Weaver (1)

Chris Weaver (1)

Douglas & Jean Gregory (2)

Betty Donaldson & Tracy Strickly (2)

Richard Baker & Yvonne Lastres Baker (2)

Mac & Vicki Parsons (2)

Jim & Ellen Frogner (2)

Bill & Brenda Cormack (2)

Darold & Elmira Leto (2)

Louie & Joynce Nunez (2)

Karen Molina & Julie Stokes Hendricks (2)

Earle Jackne & Deloris Drudge (2)

Charles & Carol Stanley (2)

John Matthews (1)

Elizabeth Roberts Sawyer & family (5)

Sylvia Almyda (1)

Lynn Woolridge Groves & June Lackey (2)

Horacio (Horsy) & Rhonda Castillo (2)

Carol Bell & Elizabeth (Roberts/Sawyer) Bell (5)

Sue Webster Ulloa & Anita Kaltofen Taylor (2)

Barbara Burke Montanari (1)

Sylvia Almyda (1)

David & Phyllis Sweeting (2)

Carol Sweeting (1)

Email Bubba to get added to the list, there is no automatic registration.

2012 Attendees

2011 Attendees

2010 Attendees

2009 Attendees

2008 Attendees

2007 Attendees

2006 Attendees




(727) 453-3171 Reservations



2. Shelters may be shared with another group.

3. If your group is not represented within one hour of the expected arrival, your reservation will be canceled. Also, if your expected attendance does not materialize, any unused tables will be available to the public.

4. Pets are allowed on a leash with a maximum lenght of 6 feet. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED ON THE BEACH OR IN THE WATER. Pet owners are required to clean up any mess their pet makes.

5. All vehicles / trailers must remain in the public parking lots.

6. Picnic grills are provided - no ground fires are allowed. No grills on tables.

7. Excessive noise is forbidden. All sound systems must not exceed the sound level prescribed in the Pinellas County Code Chapter 90.

8. A shelter reservation sign will be marked and posted with your group's name.

9. All rental equipment (dunk tank, moon walk, etc.) must have prior approval by the Park Department.

10. Please reconfirm your reservation one week prior to your event.






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